Best Dynatrap Mosquito Killer India 2020 Reviews and Buying Guide

The dynatrap mosquito killer in India is very important when traveling or enjoying long evenings in your garden, mosquitoes can come and play the spoiler. We then have the choice between slapping ourselves regularly to try to eliminate one of these pests, light a smelly candle, or use chemical and polluting repellants. Or, you can go for the best solution, which is to use a mosquito killer lamp. Here we present the best mosquito killer lamp in India 2020.

What you need to know above all is that the mosquito is attracted by the CO2 that we reject while breathing, so it easily spots its prey and then feeds on its blood.

How to choose the best dynatrap mosquito killer in India 2020

  • There are several models of mosquito lamps on the market. To make the best choice, it is necessary to know the perimeter covered by the radiation of the lamp. Isn’t it the light that should attract mosquitoes? So that’s the first criterion.
  • It is also necessary to consider the power of the lamp which generally varies between 10 and 25 W. Below 10 W, you will have no guarantee of efficiency. Good power can very quickly eliminate mosquitoes in a space.
  • The third criterion is the operating mode of the lamp. You can have lamps that kill mosquitoes by electric or repellant lamps, which only keep them out of a given area. Note in passing that lamps that operate by electric cost a little more than repellent ones which can move away over a range of 5 meters depending on the model.
  • Are you looking for a night or daytime lamp as well? In this case, it is essential to have a UV model.
  • In addition, there are models that allow you to adjust the intensity of the light. This is very useful for bedrooms since it will allow you to adjust the intensity of the light when you want to sleep for example.

You will also need to check the power mode. And if you have a USB rechargeable lamp, that would still be perfect. Finally, a  dynatrap mosquito killer India should be easy to use. It must be able to be easily dismantled because it will be necessary to remove the mosquitoes killed and stuck in the grid and clean it. It must also be easy to put or hang on a support according to your needs.

Best Mosquito Killer Night Lamp

1. JIYANA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Bug Zapper 

This mosquito killer lamp uses the artificial light source to trap mosquito you can use this mosquito killer lamp anywhere you want. This is the best dynatrap mosquito killer India 2020, kitchen, living room, and other outdoor activities. This is lightweight and easy to carry.


Dynatrap Mosquito Killer India 2020


  • Little size and lightweight and simple to utilize
  • Utilize the human bionic innovation to build the fascination of mosquitoes
  • Made with ABS plastic materials, looks strong
  • It can kill all type of flying insect of your home
  • It comes with the USB support cable
  • Works just in the dead dim room
2. HNESS Eco Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine Trap Lamp

This is the second-best dynatrap mosquito killer in India 2020 it releases the light wave of 365 Nm in length, specially designed for attracting mosquitoes. This mosquito killer lamp is easy to use and easy to clean. It works all the places where you want.

Dynatrap Mosquito Killer India 2020

  • It will take a shot at a wide range of spots
  • It has a worked in smoothed out 360-degree attractions fan
  • Simple to clean: Just expel the mosquito trap box
  • Simple to convey and spare vitality
  • The 365nm bionic violet light wave improves the fascination of mosquitoes
  • It makes some noise when you use it
3. SHOPPOZONE Electronic Fancy Mosquito Killer Lamps Super Trap 

This is the second-best mosquito killer lamp is the best for you it does not use any type of harmful spray and easy to carry to anywhere this mosquito killer trap has a modern look killer lamp.

Dynatrap Mosquito Killer India 2020

  • Easy to use just plug in the plug, press the button
  • Effectively kill the mosquito, bug, fly, and moth
  • The mosquito killer trap work without noise
  • You can also use it as a night lamp
  • Led light waves induce mosquitoes, flies, and other insects into the mosquito killer
  • Very convenient at home or travel
  • This don’t Use the human bionic technology to increase the attraction of mosquitoes
4. COBRA Upgraded USB Mosquito Killer Lamp

This is the third-best electric mosquito killer night lamp, it has a very classic look this is built from the ABS plastic material which gives it a premium look you can use it indoor and outdoor.

Dynatrap Mosquito Killer India 2020

  • It is safe to use in the living room and not harm to pregnant women, children or pets
  • A strong air circulation system sucks the mosquitoes and traps them in the tray
  • It can be connected to a mobile phone charging head and a laptop
  • It covers almost area:51-100 Square meters;
  • It makes some noise when you use it

How does a mosquito killer lampwork?

The dynatrap mosquito Killer (also known as an electric mosquito killer lamp or simply “bug zapper”) is a device that baits mosquitoes and other insects by emitting UV ultraviolet light which attracts the insects into the trap and kills them instantly. This light is totally invisible to us and will not disturb us but will be very attractive to insects.

In more detail: these lamps produce a light that attracts many flying insects including mosquitoes but also midges, wasps, and animals that we like to do without when traveling or at barbecue time. Once the insect is attracted by the lamp, it lands on its surface and is killed by two different techniques depending on the model.

Some lamps have an electric faceplate which, in the spirit of an electric bug swatter, will electrocute any insects that come into contact with the lamp. These models emit a small characteristic sound.

Other lamps will have a fan that will suck the insects into a tank where they will die trapped.

Be careful, however, if these lamps are effective against mosquitoes, they are also harmful to bees. If you are located near a beehive, it is not recommended to use a mosquito lamp.

Why buy the mosquito killer night lamp?

Mosquitoes and other insects have an impressive facility to elect housing in your gardens, in your stores, on your terrace, and sometimes even in your rooms. And once they discover a place, they keep coming to it. To get rid of it, nothing better than a mosquito lamp.

Mosquito lamps will allow you to be less disturbed by mosquito bites. When you want to spend time in your garden or on your terrace, the mosquito repellent lamp will allow you to enjoy this time in peace. And it’s not just about mosquitoes. These devices kill most insects that pass within their range. Also, keep in mind that mosquito lamps generally do not release chemicals, which makes them a better solution to some mosquito repellents or other products that we might recommend.

If you have a baby and / or small children, it is imperative to install these lamps in their rooms to protect them. Also, if there are no mosquitoes in your home or office, you may encounter them while camping or on any outing. So you have to buy this device and have it on hand. You can choose models that can be moved and have significant autonomy for your possible outings.

How to use the mosquito killer lamp

The first thing to know before you start using a mosquito lamp is that the effectiveness of these lamps depends first on their ability to attract insects. And this attraction is made possible by the emission of light. As such, we agree that other light sources would reduce the effectiveness of mosquito lamps.

What must, therefore, be done is to install them in a place a little far from your light sources. During the day, the problem may not be too much of an issue, but natural light also creates the same problem. You should, therefore, avoid installing your dynatrap mosquito killer at the window level during the day, for example, in which case you will only attract other insects to your room.

Do not install dynatrap mosquito killer lamp in areas natural wind or fan either, since, by default, mosquitoes cannot stay for long in areas that are too ventilated. Preferably, place the dynatrap mosquito killer India 2020 about 2 meters from the ground. Most insects do not fly beyond this height. You can also identify strategic places in your home and install them there.


If you want to quickly and effectively eliminate insects from your home, the dynatrap mosquito killer India 2020  is one of the best solutions. This device is very appreciated by those who do not want to use toxic and chemical products because of the presence of children and the elderly.

Be sure to choose a device based on the type of pest as the effectiveness varies by model. Also pay attention to range, performance, handling, and portability (you will definitely need it on the go). Either way, using this device will keep you safe from winged critters.

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