Best Electric Hand Blender In India 2020 Under 1000

It is very important to have the best electric hand blender in our kitchen because it makes all our work even easier. If you like to cook, it is very important to have the best electric hand blender in your kitchen, it makes your work very easy. It helps to blend, chop, grind, and whisk food items and ingredients.

If you are looking to make soups, sauces, smoothies, cake batter, whipped cream, etc., then a hand blender is a must. It is like a small food processor that makes your tasks even easier.

we can also use the blender to make small cuts of fruits which also saves our time, so we should put the blender in our kitchen, Therefore, it is even more difficult for us to choose a good hand blender.

And here also makes a lot of options in the markets. Due to which we get very confused about which is the best electric hand blender in India will be good for us.

That is why we have made a very good buying guide for you guys, which will help you to choose the best electric hand blender India. So let’s start

Frendz Forever Hand Mixer 

This electric hand blender is very good for making dough maker cake mixing and many thighs we can make at home with this hand mixer. It comes with one year of warranty. In this electric hand blender Separate Eject button and button for speed control.Best Electric Hand Blender India 2020

Best Electric Hand Blender India 2020

Feature and details
  • 5 speed and versatile for light and heavy-duty tasks with dough hook and beaters
  • Separate Eject button and speed select button
  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Power: 300W Supply: 230v-50Hz
  • Chrome beaters and Dough Hooks
Benefits of using hand blender India

The hand’s grinder is not using for blending the food but can be used even further work, it can cut your food properly, and with this, you can cut food and fruits easier to You can also use a grinder to make the milkshake. it also saves you time.

Why we should buy a blender

The electric hand blender is multifunctional because this makes our work very easy and we can cut any fruits well, we can mix any kind of mixes with this electric hand blender and it also helps us in our work. Therefore we should have an electric hand blender in our kitchen.

Best Hand Blender India Buying Guide

Let’s see what are the different characteristics of the hand mixer before buying. Depending on our needs in the kitchen, we can choose a basic or super-equipped mixer, suitable for preparing all your recipes.

Power of battery

In all other cases, we must bear in mind that to use a mixer with hard and resistant ingredients, these must-have more powerful motors, especially if accessories such as the chopper (processor) and the ice crusher are provided.

In addition, we must bear in mind that a more powerful motor can work during longer sessions without overheating. In this sense, the best immersion mixers are equipped with AC motors because they reduce the danger of overheating.


A very important factor for the success of your recipes is the speed of the manual mixer. Cheap hand mixers offer only one speed, and sometimes the turbo option, which is a maximum possible speed for the motor in question.

Adjusting the speed is very important not only to save time but to work each ingredient according to its consistency. In this way, we can obtain more or less dense mixtures, more or less liquid jams or pieces of fruit, a creamy soup, or a rustic soup.

Handle and controls

The handle of the hand mixer includes the controls and the motor. The handle must be ergonomic and non-slip.

Controls, typically one or two buttons, or a wheel, should be positioned so that they are easy to use during work, usually with the thumb or forefinger. In this case, the design is very important to offer a secure grip of the blender with one hand.

Note that the presence of the motor concentrates all its weight on the handle. If we want to use the blender for long jobs, we will have to be careful with the weight.


Given the power used, all good hand blenders run on cable. On more advanced models, the cable is spiral because it prevents winding and knotting during use. The length must also be taken into account, which is never less than 1 meter. In fact, a longer cord gives us more freedom of movement in the kitchen. (Best Electric Hand Blender India)

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