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Best Electric Mosquito Killer Night Lamp Machine India 2020

If you are looking for the best electric mosquito killer lamp India, which is best for you then you have come to the right place, you will get to see the India best mosquito trap lamp here. There is a very remaining solution to smiling the mosquito from the room and you can use it anywhere where do you want.

You can use it in the bedroom, even in the children’s bedroom, and also in the living room, electronic mosquito killer traps very easy to operate, it does not use any kind of chemical to kill the mosquito which is harmful to your child.

In this machine electric mosquito killer lamp, LED light burns that attract Mosquito towards it are also called LED mosquito killer machine and this makes Mosquito get inside and kill the mosquito it does not need much electricity to use.

Nowadays, due to the spread of many types of diseases from mosquitoes, that’s why it is becoming very necessary for us to keep a mosquito killer lamp at our home So that we will save any kind of disease caused by mosquito and our home Children always be safe. This is a Hygienic electronic mosquito killer which is really safe for us.

1. JIYANA Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Bug Zapper 

This mosquito killer lamp uses the artificial light source to trap mosquito you can use this mosquito killer lamp anywhere you want. This is the best mosquito killer machine for bedroom, kitchen, living room, and other outdoor activities. This is lightweight and easy to carry.

Best electric mosquito killer lamp India
  • Small size and lightweight and easy to use
  • Use the human bionic technology to increase the attraction of mosquitoes
  • It can kill all type of flying insect of your home
  • Made with ABS plastic materials, looks solid
  • It comes with the USB support cable
  • Works only in the dead dark room



2. STOREBRIDGE™ Electronic Led Mosquito Killer  Lamps Super Trap Mosquito Killer Machine

This is the second-best mosquito killer lamp is the best for you it does not use any type of harmful spray and easy to carry to anywhere this mosquito killer trap has a modern look killer lamp.

Best electric mosquito killer lamp India

  • Easy to use just plug in the plug, press the button
  • The mosquito killer can work without noise
  • Effectively kill the mosquito, bug, fly, and moth
  • The mosquito killer trap work without noise
  • You can also use it as a night lamp


  • This don’t Use the human bionic technology to increase the attraction of mosquitoes


3. JIYANA Upgraded USB Mosquito Killer Lamp

This is the third-best electric mosquito killer lamp in India it has a very classic look this is made from the ABS plastic material which gives it a premium look you can use it indoor and outdoor.

Best electric mosquito killer lamp India

  • It is safe to use in the living room and not harm to pregnant women, children or pets
  • A strong air circulation system sucks the mosquitoes and traps them in the tray
  • It can be connected to a mobile phone charging head and a laptop
  • It makes some noise when you use it

How to select the mosquito killer lamp

Usually, mosquitoes and flies are considered to be pests that hum and roam all around us. However, do not forget that these insects can be vectors of serious diseases, hence the interest of getting rid of them permanently with the help of a fly killer. The only obstacle that might put you in the grip of your purchase is the presence of seemingly endless models on the market. That’s why we’ve put together this buying guide for the best electric fly killers so that you can start your quest with a good foundation. Then select yours according to capacity, design, and options while going through a comparison.

The capacity

The most important consideration that you will need to consider when determining where to buy the best electric mosquito killer night lamp capacity of the device. To get there, you need to base your decision on its power. Note that powerful models are able to capture critters that are placed several meters away. If you plan to overcome all the insects that plague your home, we recommend that you choose models with a power of 10 to 30 Watts. In addition, their fields of action are generally between 5 to 100 m 2.

The reason why these devices are more effective in neutralizing insects is the presence of UV lights. Indeed, small flying beasts tend to cluster around a powerful light source, which simplifies the work of electric fly killers. With that in mind, when it comes to capacity, you shouldn’t neglect to examine the voltage in order to find which electric fly killer to choose. So that your device can electrocute a large number of insects, it would be best to point your attention to a voltage between 1000 and 2500 Volts. Keep in mind that electric fly killers should not be too powerful so as not to generate a strong noise nuisance or too low.


To find out where to buy a new electronic mosquito killer night lamp, consider studying the design. In addition to the functional side of the device, you should not forget to consider its aesthetic side. Although the manufacturers of this type of device did not originally bet on the external appearance of the device, many models that you will find on the market today are more polished in terms of design. In this sense, we advise you to opt for elegant models so that they can blend completely into your interior decoration.

At the same time, you should not forget to evaluate the portability of the device. Indeed, the possibility of keeping it in hand with complete freedom of movement is another key element that will tell you how to buy an electric fly killer with better value for moneyYou should then check the weight of the unit as well as its power system. Electric fly killers typically run on power supplied by batteries, cells, and wall outlets. To get the freedom of movement you are looking for, your best bet would be to look for models that use lithium batteries.

In addition, other models bearing the best brand of electric fly killers use a USB connection to allow you to easily charge your device. In addition, you will also find some devices presented in the form of bulbs giving you the possibility of positioning them on the wall or on the ceiling.

The options

To determine how to choose the best electric fly killers of 2020, you will need to refer to how the device is installed. In case you plan to find a practical solution to get rid of the critters in your home, note that indoor models, unfortunately, do not offer additional features. On the other hand, if you plan to bring the device with you as part of camping or a hike, that’s a whole different story.

Indeed, a variety of options are available to you depending on the conditions of use to which the device will be subject. Since going outdoors exposes the unit to particularly extreme stresses, you will need to invest in the options offered. To do this, we recommend that you choose waterproof, splash-resistant models.

In addition, if your hikes extend during night trips, you must adopt an electric fly killer equipped with a very powerful lamp. In addition, there are also other models that mimic human breathing to fool small flying beasts with a few details. However, although they present themselves as a more practical alternative, you are going to have to rely on a price comparison tool because of their costs which are not cheap.

How to use an electric mosquito killer lamp

Understand how it works

No need to remind you that little critters are captivated by a powerful light source, something that the makers of the electronic mosquito killer night lamp, have taken advantage of. Indeed, they have equipped their devices with strong light by means of an internal grid that will arouse the interest of insects. Once the critters come in contact with this grid, 2 situations can occur. On the one hand, the little flying beast will undergo a powerful electric charge to the point that it will be killed. And on the other hand, some models send a more or less weak charge so that the beast will simply be stunned.

Consider safety precautions

In case you plan to install the best electric mosquito killer lamp India in your bedroom, it is recommended that you turn the device on 30 to 60 minutes before going to sleep for safety reasons. Also, during your installation, it would be best to always favor high locations to prevent children and pets from being tempted to touch the device. Likewise, do not make the mistake of bringing the unit into contact with water, metal objects, or sources of flammable gases and liquids. This precaution applies especially when the device is in operation.

Choose the right location

Although this is a fairly basic device in its functionality, that doesn’t justify setting it up anywhere in your home. Indeed, there are certain elements that you will need to memorize to adopt the ideal layout. You should install the device at a distance of 1 to 2 meters from other light sources while favoring dark and confined places. Likewise, you must avoid positioning it facing an open window. Along the same lines as these tips, it goes without saying to set up the fly killer in the lobby to keep bugs away.

Use the device according to its design

Indoor and outdoor best electric mosquito killer night lamps are not used in the same way. Indeed, it is not necessary to alternate their manipulations to guarantee long-term effectiveness. Note that some devices are not selective, which risks eliminating bugs that are not harmful to the environment.

The instant indoor devices are handled outdoors, several non-unhealthy insects will be accidentally eradicated. Thus, it is very important to compare the characteristics of each device to determine whether it is an outdoor or indoor model, without forgetting to find the most efficient.

Switch on the device

Once you’ve figured out which is the best electric mosquito killer night lamp on the market, it’s time to get it up and running for good. Usually, you need to use the on / off buttons to operate the device. Indeed, it is up to you to press the key that corresponds to your expectations.

You just need to turn the switch on to activate the electric shock of the device or select the off-key to turn it off. When you are done using your electric mosquito killer, remember to turn it off to save power, especially for battery-operated models. These are the best electric mosquito killer lamp in India.

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