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Top 5 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder India 2020 Buying Guide

If you are thinking of buying the best juicer, then you should take a grinder mixer machine in which you can also make juice and also use it as a mixer grinder in your kitchen India there is a lot of food we make our kitchen. In a juicer mixer grinder machine, you can make juice and this machine can also grind your food juicer mixer grinder machine in our kitchen is one of the most important appliances in our kitchen in 2020 as the rest of the appliances there are many people in India who like spice food very much.

If we want to cook such a spice, we need a mixer grinder which helps in making spice, so we have brought a machine that will work for both as the mixer and as the juicer.

Here are a lot of juicer mixer grinders available in the market due to we are confused about which one will be the best, so here we are showing you the top 5 best mixer grinders so that you will not have any problem in choose.

There are two types of mixer grinders first one is a normal mixer grinder and the second one is a juicer mixer grinder Before buying a mixer grinder, you should keep in mind that what work do you need a grinder for?

If you just want to grind food, then you should buy a mixer grinder,and if you want both juicer and a food grinder so, you have to take a juicer mixer grinder should this you will help in both works. Here you can find the best Best juicer mixer grinder India 2020.

Top 5 Best Juicer Mixer Grinder India 2020

Sunmeet 1000Watts Mixer Juicer Grinder 

This is the first best grinder and this juicer mixer grinder comes from the company of Sunmeet in this you will get more features like the advanced air ventilation system provides it provide a faster cooling system to the motor which ensures longer life of the motor and in this grinder you will get also a overload protector for motor safety.

Best juicer mixer grinder india 2020

Feature of Sunmeet 1000Watts Mixer Juicer Grinder 
  • This grinder has come from this six jar set 3 jars are stainless steel jar and 2 jars are bullet jar and 1 Jar is for juicing.
  • This is an ABS plastic body juicer mixer grinder which is fully unbreakable
  • Newly designed grinder for your standard kitchen
  • Best motor build for batter performance


LIOMES Portable USB Electric Blender Juicer Cup Smoothie Maker

This is the multitasks juicer grinder in this you can use this grinder as a water bottle and as a juicer also you can carry this juicer grinder anywhere you want like park office and school and also in traveling actually this is chargeable juicer grinder which you charge by your USB cable whit the help of your phone and laptop etc. You can not grind your food by this.


Best juicer mixer grinder india 2020

Feature of LIOMES Portable USB Electric Blender Juicer Cup Smoothie Maker
  • It comes with 2000 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Easy to operate  you just need to put the fruit into the bottle and press the switch and easy to clean
  • This is a multipurpose juicer


Philips HL 7720 Mixer Grinder

This is the third-best juicer mixer grinder of 750 watts in India for the kitchen it comes from the famous brand of India which is Philips a mixer grinder is a very important appliance for our kitchen it helps us to do half of our work this mixer grinder has come from the powerful motor which is 750 watts which are best for grind any type of food and juicing also in this you will get advanced blades to cut the toughest ingredients.


Best juicer mixer grinder india 2020

Feature of Philips HL 7720 Mixer Grinder
  • This product does not require installation.
  • The grinder also comes with an advanced ventilation system that keeps the mixer body cool.
  • This juicer mixer grinder blade is specially designed for grinding the toughest ingredients.


Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Juicer Mixer Grinder

This is the fourth-best juicer mixer blender it comes from Wonderchef brand this blade is a superfast and sharps steel blade which cuts your food completely this is the best for your daily use in your kitchen So that you can also make juice that gives nutrients to your body. You can also grind your food from this you can make healthy, tasty juices, smoothies, shakes from this.

Best juicer mixer grinder india 2020

Feature of Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Juicer Mixer Grinder
  • It comes with a superfast motor 21000RPM speed
  • In this, you will get only two sets of  stainless steel  jars
  • It takes less space compared to another blender


Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Juicer Mixer Grinder

This is the fifth-best juicer mixer grinder it comes from the best brand of America which makes this blender different from the other.

Best juicer mixer grinder india 2020

Things to keep in mind after purchased a mixer grinder

If you are using a mixer grinder for the first time, then if you feel some burning smell from the mixer then there is nothing to worry about it, it is simply a varnish of the motor, which causes it to warm up, it rises from one to two.

After using the bar grander, it stops coming in and if it does not stop even after that, then your calendar in which the brand is, you should contact that brand. (best juicer mixer blender India 2020)

Things to keep in mind before buying a grinder

  1. Before buying a mixer grinder to all of us, a few things must be kept in mind that after all the power of the motor of that mixer grinder is, the higher the power the motor is, the better the performance of your mixer grinder.
  2. If you want to use a juicer mixer grinder in your home, then its motor power should be 500 to 750 watts.
  3. Whenever you buy a mixer grinder, it is very important to have a minimum of 3 jars in the grinder, one for juicing and one for medium size chutney and one for dry grinding the spices.
  4. Always buy a mixer grinder only if it has overload protection.
  5. We should always buy a mixer machine with a higher RPM. Higher RPM means that the higher the Resolution of the blade because this mixer rotates the blade of the grinder even faster and it grinds our stuff more quickly. (Best juicer mixer grinder India 2020)

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