Top 5 Best Lightweight Wireless Mouse For Gaming PC

Nowadays, all of us like to play gaming on the PC, for which we have the best and attractive mouse for gaming, which helps us to play our games, even more, to play games on the computer.

We have two accessories It is very important to have one of them, the first one is a mouse which should be wireless  and the second one is a keyboard for gaming

Most of us do the same mouse that we get at the time of purchasing the computer, but all these icons are not good for our gaming.

Some of them Very large and some are very small and all these icons are wired but a wireless mouse is very best for gaming, so here we have the best wireless mouse for you guys. So let’s start to know more about the best wireless mouse for gaming.

Logitech G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse

This mouse comes from the Logitech G102 brand you get a total of 4 buttons in the mouse and you can customize the mouse very easily and in this you also get a gaming guard sensor.

Best Mouse For Gaming PC

Feature of Logitech G102 Light Sync Gaming Mouse

This mouse is a classic enough to make you feel comfortable playing the game and 8,000 DPI sensor – The gaming-grade sensor responds precisely to your movements.

Cosmic Byte Equinox Beta 6200DPI 9 Button Gaming Mouse

This is the second-best mouse for gaming Step up to the Equinox Beta gaming mouse from a cosmic byte. With the state-of-the-art, high-resolution, gaming-grade, pix art optical sensor and Omron microswitches rated to last over 10 million clicks.

Best Mouse For Gaming PC

Feature of Cosmic Byte Equinox Beta 6200DPI 9 Button Gaming Mouse
  • industry-leading, professional gaming PIXART PAW3327 sensor
  • 16.8 million spectra RGB LED lighting system
  • 3 In-built memory profiles, dual DPI Flick switches with 5-level indicator


TeckNet Raptor M268 Six Button 3200DPI Gaming Mouse -Black

TeckNet Raptor M268 Designed for comfort and built for precision, this is one bit of kit no gamer should be without, at a price every gamer will love. Get the edge with this high-quality, low-cost 6d optical gaming mouse with a true wave sensor.

Best Mouse For Gaming PC

Feature of TeckNet Raptor M268 Six Button 3200DPI Gaming Mouse -Black

In this mouse, you will get an adjustable dpi setting and this mouse is very comfortable to use and it’s. designed is very great you can use this mouse for hours in total comfort.

Lenovo Gaming Mouse 

This mouse comes from the brand of Lenovo this is the best for gaming and designed for beginners and amateur PC gamers.

Best Mouse For Gaming PC

Feature of Lenovo Gaming Mouse

In this mouse 7-color circulating-backlight for the look and feel with the comfort & strength of a braided cable It is easy-to-use and set-up without any extra complicated software.

Redragon M613 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse

Redragon this is the last one cheapest mouse it is from Redragon company Comfortable Buttons with Durability of 10 Million Clicks.

Best Mouse For Gaming PC

Feature of Redragon M613 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse

In this mouse, you will get power-saving mode and this mouse is passed 10 million clicks and works almost all kinds of surface 3 DPI settings with max. 2000 DPI.

Things we should kept in a mind before buying a gaming mouse for PC


Best Gaming Mouse for PC must be smart enough to get an ever need revenue of a gamer modern mouse are able to avoid registered erratic hand movements mouse correcting is not usually helpful appreciation is highly compressed while you play a game.


Mouse sensitivity is usually measured per characters inch also known as CPI or dot per inch also known as DPI must be between 100 to 2000 higher DPI means faster your mouse moves on the screen sensitivity of a wireless gaming Mouse must have a wide range.


There are two types of sensors in a mouse laser sensor and an optical sensor laser sensor performs better on the reflective surfaces and returns excellent DPI and optical sensor performance-based best office services surfaces.


Acceleration of a mouse is defined as the ratio of the speed of pointer to the speed of hand motion is measured in gravitational force which is equal to 9.8 meters per second lower sensitivity games need to terms with the acceleration usually as since they need more hand motion.

Polling Rate

It means the response and transfer between computer and mouses it’s measured in hearts and essentially ranges between 250 and 1000 heart as Mouse is a very well same data is actually processed first afterward any action is completed on your computer screen.

Programmable buttons

Programmable buttons to make a gaming mouse and keyboard more exciting a gaming Mouse usually have a button that can easily be turned to hotkeys or short key to executive actions in a game much quicker such as sniper button available on first-person shooting games specific match.


Within Programmable buttons, there is a set of profile settings while can specify many different activities for buttons and change characters for all games with the same Mouse it is possible to easily switch between games and generous.

Lift of distance

It is defined as how are you can lift the mouse from the surface before the move or movements become unresponsive mouse software is useful to adjust the list of distance has an important role in competitive games.


Although not all Gamers bother much about the weight of mouse it really matters in determines the level of comfort and feel while you play a game now it is an adjustable mouse with our trending concept in gaming word fine twin it can help you to make and interest prediction is here.


Finally, connectivity is something to consider if you’re already on other peripherals from the same company Logitech Treasure still series on all of the unified software platform meaning that you may get a better gaming experience if you sink up to your mouse Keyboard headset mobile app and whatever else you happen to have from a given company. (Best Mouse For Gaming PC)

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