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Best Portable Electric Popcorn Maker Machine India 2020

A portable electric popcorn maker machine is important because popcorn is simply delicious. Whether it is for movie nights with family or friends, aperitifs, birthdays or games on TV, popcorn is often a good idea! And that’s the advantage is that it is appreciated as much by adults as children!

So of course, there are many bags of industrial popcorn sold in supermarkets. But unfortunately, most of them are full of preservatives, fat and the taste is not always there.

Popcorn maker machines work either with a system that diffuses hot air or with the help of a heating resistance. The goal is the same: to pop the corn seeds into popcorn, all evenly. With the hot air system, you will therefore not need to add oil or any other fat to prepare them. We, therefore, obtain much healthier popcorn from a dietary point of view. And in any case, it will cost you less to make them yourself rather than buying them. It is also a gesture for the environment because you will no longer need to buy popcorns over-wrapped in plastic.

That being said, it is true that there are a large number of different popcorn makers and it is often not easy to make a choice. As a pastry chef and confectioner by trade, I had the opportunity to test a large number of these devices to form an opinion. So I decided to write this article to help you choose the model that will suit you best here you can find the best popcorn maker machine in India.

HAVENGOOD Hot Air Snacks Maker

The Havengood is an ergonomic popcorn machine. It offers a power of 1200 Watts to allow you to prepare popcorns quickly and efficiently. Designed using quality material, this machine will be your best for your parties and family evenings over a long period. Its transparent cover will give you the opportunity to follow the progress of cooking.

Best Portable Electric Popcorn Maker Machine India 2020


1. It also comes with a measuring spoon for easy use.

2. The Havengood is very suitable for a family.

3. Its non-slip foot allows it to be placed on any type of place where you want to place it without the risk of falling.

4. In addition, its dimensions and weight make this popcorn machine a device easy to maintain and store.

FosCadit Household Big Electric 1200W hot air Popcorn Maker 

In third place in our comparison, we find the Foscadit a popcorn machine with a round but elegant design at the same time. This appliance is equipped with a rotating blade that ensures to mix the popcorns and seasonings well for perfect distribution.

You can make many recipes for popcorns (salty, sweet, spicy, …) effectively to vary the pleasure and delight young and old during your movie nights or small parties. With a power of 1200 W, the Foscadit cooks your popcorns quickly without the risk of overcooking.

Best Portable Electric Popcorn Maker Machine India 2020


Follow the cooking through its transparent cover and invert the latter to serve immediately. Cleaning is easy thanks to its non-stick coating. Treat yourself and enjoy convivial moments with family or friends with the Foscadit the best portable electric popcorn maker machine.

1. One press button easy to operate only needs 3 minutes

2. Hot air circulation technology makes it easy to use

3. Multipurpose snack maker popcorn. Peanuts, cashew nuts, etc

MG SALESS Portable Electric Popcorn Maker

You want to organize a popcorn party with family or friends, the MG saless will be your best companion. This is easy to use a device that allows you to prepare sweet or savory popcorns in a shorter time.

Best Portable Electric Popcorn Maker Machine India 2020



Save money by making your homemade popcorns efficiently with the MG saless. In addition, it offers a compact design and non-slip feet for easy storage. Healthy and oil-free but delicious popcorns are possible with this household appliance. Easy to maintain, the lid is dishwasher safe. Treat young and old by opting for this popcorn machine.

1. One press button easy to operate

2. Special heat dissipation at the bottom low noise effectively protect the machine body from being damaged more durable

Anup Plastic Ez Popcorn Maker

Want to prepare oil and fat-free popcorns quickly? Discover the Anup Ez popcorn machine. This device attracts from the first glance by its retro and nice design that reminds us of the times of our grandmothers.

Best Portable Electric Popcorn Maker Machine India 2020



Powerful, it is able to heat quickly without burning the corn. Moreover, its operation with hot air is effective for uniform cooking without oil. This has a real benefit for the health of the whole family.

The grain dispenser is stored in the lid for easy and intuitive use. Thanks to its size, the Anup Ez popcorn machine is easy to handle. Finally, it can be placed on the worktop without cluttering it. Prepare and enjoy succulent popcorns in just minutes with this appliance.

1. Easily removable non-stick cooking plate flips with the bowl for easy serving

2. Quick-heat halogen technology allows popcorn to pop 30% faster than traditional stirring popcorn makers – no preheating needed.

How To Choose The Best Portable Electric Popcorn Maker


This criterion will be very dependent on your use and the number of people who will consume popcorns in your home. The total capacity will determine the amount of popcorn you can make at one time.

If you are a couple, you will not have the same needs as a large family or people who receive regularly. As a general rule, this capacity varies from 50 to 200 gr depending on the device.


Even though it’s all about taste, I have a soft spot for popcorn machines with a retro or vintage design. The device will not necessarily be intended to stay in your kitchen all the time, but it will be more pleasant to have a nice model.

Especially if you want to demonstrate your new device to your guests! There are also models with a more classic or futuristic design. Choose the one that will best suit your tastes and the decoration of your kitchen.

Easy To Clean

After use, your popcorn maker should be quick and easy to clean. This type of device should be designed to save you time and make your job easier, not to waste a lot of time maintaining it.

So choose a model containing removable elements that can be easily disassembled. The ideal is that the machine is composed of a non-stick plate (and preferably without BPA). Some of them may even have components that can be washed in the dishwasher.

Burst Rate

Success is popcorn, it is above all making sure that they burst in a regular and homogeneous way. This is often not the case with a simple pan.

To know the burst rate of a machine, there are not 50 ways, you have to try the device. And that’s what I could be of use to you in this comparison! I have tested most devices to ensure you get the right burst rate.

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