Redmi MI True Wireless Earbuds In India 2020 Reviews


The Redmi earbuds wireless in India (image in the header) is the most famous wireless earbuds. You have headphones that offer autonomy and good audio quality. 

With Bluetooth connection technology they can be connected to all kinds of devices, both Android and iOS. These wireless headphones are True Wireless, so they will connect to your default device automatically when removed from the charging box. Thanks to the base you can enjoy 12 hours of playback

These headphones allow you to control the music through the buttons incorporated in the outer surface. By pressing them you can stop the song, take or hang up calls, change the playing track to the next or the previous one and use your default voice assistant.

Redmi earbuds wireless in India Redmi has become a well-known brand in India and all people are quite satisfied with its product.

If we compare Redmi’s headphones with Apple’s headphones, then where we will buy one of Apple’s headphones, there we will buy up to 6  headphones from Redmi. 

At the point when the Apple AirPods were presented, it resembled an incredible item. Purchasers have reacted quite well, it’s actual. In any case, it is hard to legitimize such a significant expense on earphones that are not of high caliber with regards to sound.

The sector of the earbuds is very wide, but there is a sector that is growing rapidly, such as that of Bluetooth earbuds.

Right now all phones have a Bluetooth connection more or less in condition, to which must be added other devices such as tablets, laptops, or even desktops.

The main reason why Bluetooth headsets are purchased is for convenience, although related issues have to be accepted.

Eliminating the cable gives freedom of movement, but instead, you buy headphones that, because of how the sound compression of the Bluetooth protocol works, lose quality.

Home users who are looking for a better sound turn to earbuds that use a radio connection with a base that includes wireless earbuds, but those who want Bluetooth are usually also to be used outside the home comfortably with, for example, their phone.

Furthermore, if what we are searching for is the remote capacity, and adequate acoustic quality, at that point maybe and just maybe, the Redmi AirDots from Xiaomi would be a superior choice.

Redmi Earbuds S supports all Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows-based devices with Bluetooth compatibility.


Redmi earbuds wireless in India feature and details 

Redmi earbuds wireless in India 2020


  • Smooth and minimized structure: The extremely smooth and snazzy plan that you can heft around flawlessly in your pockets and sacks
  • 4.1g ultra-lightweight earbuds:  Super-lightweight earbuds that are simply 4.1 grams, it feels truly great to wear for extended periods of time, you overlook that you’re wearing one after some time
  • Battery Life: Long-enduring battery life of as long as 4 hours with a solitary charge and an aggregate of 12 hours with the charging case to give you the best music experience
  • Flawless bass and sound quality: Equipped with 7.2mm unique drivers which are tuned for India to give you the punchier sound and better bass experience
  • IPX4 sweat and sprinkle verification: You can turn out to be in the rec center or go on a run without getting stressed over any harm to the headphones that have been worked with IPX4 sweat and sprinkle evidence
  • Consistent matching: The blending procedure is very simple. You can utilize both or just single earbud at once according to your benefit
  • Low idleness mode for gaming: The low dormancy mode diminishes the inactivity to 122ms to convey the best execution during your gaming experiences
  • Stable availability with Bluetooth 5.0: Best in class Bluetooth 5.0 that empowers solid remote association of up to 10m with no interference
  • The multi-utilitarian catch: Easy catch controls for different capacities you need – Play/stop music, initiate a voice colleague, answer/separate call, switch between the calls, Mute the call, and so forth
  • Works with Voice Assistant: Trigger your voice colleagues Alexa and Google Assistant by simply double-tapping the multi-work button and complete your work without connecting for your telephone
  • DSP Environmental commotion crossing out: Enabled with DSP Environmental clamor wiping out that Suppresses the surrounding clamor during the voice calls
  • Client care number: Call 18001036286 or Reach Out to Nearest Authorized Service Center of Xiaomi for any after-deals support

Redmi earbuds wireless frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How to use redmi earbuds wireless

How to use redmi earbuds wireless

Matching Procedure: Remove both earbuds from the charging case all the while, and hang tight for 2–3 seconds for the earbuds to consequently associate with one another. Ensure the Bluetooth is empowered on your gadget.

At the point when the marker of the left or right earbud gradually squints white, scan for Redmi Earbuds S on your gadget Compatibility: Although we love Xiaomi, this gadget is good with all brands and items.

Why we should use redmi earbuds wireless 

The main reason we use redmi wireless earbuds for the convenience of not having to be tied to a cable. It is much more comfortable to be able to go from here to there without any kind of ties or jerks.

We would even avoid the annoying situation of untangling the headphones before each use, and that they do not get tangled we know that it is inevitable.

Technology today allows us to earbuds with very good sound quality, without the need for them to be connected via a cable, as perhaps happened before, since not being so developed, the sound quality was slightly lost.

There are wireless earbuds for all tastes and budgets, the most common and sold, logically for their price, are those of smaller size that is worth to go from one place to another without even realizing that they are with us.

But we should also know that there are specific headphones for professionals in the music world such as those used by producers, musicians, or DJs. When it comes to fans, there are headphones for gamers and audiophiles; also for travelers and athletes.

In the article perhaps we will focus more on the rest of the mortals who prefer to do without the cables, enjoy a good musical company, and that the pocket does not hurt as much. We leave the complexity to the foodies of the audio.

Redmi earbuds wireless frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Redmi earbuds wireless frequently asked questions (FAQ)


What are devices supported by Redmi Earbuds S?

Redmi Earbuds S supports all Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows-based devices with Bluetooth compatibility.

How do I charge these earbuds?

When the earbuds are placed in the charging case, they will automatically start charging and it takes approximately 1.5 hours for a full charge.

How to charge the charging case?

To charge the case, connect it to a power source through a micro USB cable. The indicator from the case will blink red while charging and turns off when fully charged. Please note that it takes approximately 2 hours for a full charge.

How to pair the Redmi Earbuds S with a device?

Remove both earbuds from the charging case simultaneously, and wait for 2–3 seconds for the earbuds to automatically connect with each other. Make sure the Bluetooth is enabled on your device. When the indicator of the left or right earbud slowly blinks white, search for “Redmi Earbuds S” on your device.

How to use earbuds

Once you open the charging case, the earbuds will automatically turn on. To disconnect the earbuds, place the earbuds back into the charging case, and close the lid this will put the earbuds to sleep mode automatically. (Redmi earbuds wireless in India)

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